Chocolate tiramisu


Ever since I prepared the first time chocolate tiramisu I kept making it with chocolate and not with eggs. 

The original tiramisu cream has eggs in it but we can replace them with chocolate. The rest of the ingredients are the same. I like this dessert because it is fast, easy to make and you do not need an oven. 


500 g whipping cream 

500 ml coffee 

3 spoons cocoa

200 g dark chocolate

500 g mascarpone cheese

400 g ladyfingers 

150 g powder sugar 


I always start with the coffee, because it needs to be cool before we can use it. So first make the coffee, add sugar in it and let it cool down. 

Now let's prepare the cream. Melt the dark chocolate by putting it in a bowl and the bowl on top of a pot with boiling water. Mix the chocolate and let it melt. 

Add the mascarpone cheese in a bowl and mix it with the powder sugar. You can use an electric mixer. Add the chocolate in the mixture. 

Now whip the heavy cream, again use the electric mixer. Put the whipped cream in the bowl with the chocolate and mascarpone. Mix them well. This is our cream for the tiramisu. 

Next dip each ladyfinger in coffee and place them in a large pan. Cover the entire pan with ladyfingers. Place a thick layer of chocolate cream on top of them and a thin layer of cocoa. 

Repeat the process for a second layer of ladyfingers and cream. 

Now refrigerate it for 3-4 hours or over night before serving. 

If you want to prepare a tiramisu chocolate cake you can place the ladyfingers in a round plate. You can use a cake shape. Place them standing this time at the edges of the cake shape and fill it with lady fingers and cream. At the end carefully remove the shape. 

I hope you will make chocolate tiramisu at home because it is delicious.