The right order to apply base makeup


To be honest before doing my research I knew that the primer comes before the foundation and that was all. I did not know in what order to apply the other products. 

Before adding make up to the face we have to prepare the skin so the make up will last longer. 

The face must be clean and dry, apply a moisturizer first. 

Now it's time for the primer. This is the first base make up product to be applied. 

Don't start your make up without it! 

The second product applied is the foundation. Choose your foundation according to your skin tone and type of skin. 

The third product applied is the concealer. Concealers hide under-eye bags, imperfections or hyperpigmentation spots. 

The forth product applied is the contour. 

Contours accentuate our cheekbones and no make up is complete without them. 

The fifth and last make up base products is the setting powder. They keep our make in place  all day so do not skip this product. 

That is it! Now you know the right order to apply base make up!