What to eat and what not to eat if you want a clear skin


This one is a no brainer, some of you probably know what food is good for your skin and health and what you should not eat if you want beautiful skin. 

Best food for your skin 

Fruits and vegetables 

Fresh fruits and green vegetables contain antioxidants that protect the skin against toxins. 

Eat them every day if you want clear, healthy skin. 

Healthy fats 

Fat from fish, nuts, cheese and eggs contains omega-3 fatty acids that make up the skin's natural oil barrier. 

These are good fats that nourish, plump and hydrate the skin. 

Cereals and legumes 

I like to eat cereals for breakfast because they have antioxidants that increase vitamin B and folic acid compounds in my body. 

Forget about the coffee in the morning and eat a bowl of wheat cereals! If you don't like it with milk you can add yoghurt instead. 


For a glowing skin you have to drink 8 to 10 cups of water every day. Water can also eliminate unwanted toxins toxins from our bodies. 

For a hydrated and refreshed skin do not forget to drink plenty of water! 

Worst food for our skin

Fast foods 

These type of foods are bad for our skin, you should avoid them. That hamburger that looks so tasty can cause pimples, acne and skin irritations. 


The sugar in sweets and desserts can lead to loss of collagen and elastin proteins and as a result you will see wrinkles, fine lines and unattractive skin. 

If you do want to eat sweets you would better prepare them at home and add as less sugar as possible. 


Just like eating too much sugar can be bad for your skin the same happens when you add too much salt in your food. Snacks contain high level of sodium and salt that can create the appearance of swelling on the face. 

Processed foods

Don't buy ready-to-cook meals or instant noodles because they contain too much sodium. Eating these processed foods can have bad side effects on your skin like dryness, irritation and dehydration. 

You should always cook your meal at home! 

There you have it! Now you know what to eat and what not to eat to keep your skin healthy and radiant. 



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